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How to REGISTER for classes on Infinite Campus: 

1. Log into Infinite Campus

2. On left side select Academic Planner

3. Click on grade level courses/select course

4. Make sure to select S1 and S2 if appropriate

5. Click Save/Sign out.

Before you ask, please remember: 

Off hours - are for Seniors only

Study Hall - must have two or more AP, or college courses

Seniors - study hall - no attendance will be required

All underclassmen are required to be in the library with attendance required


If you are in a sport or activity requiring eligibility, you must be in 5 GRADED classes to be eligible to play/perform/take part. 


Please logon to CMC start.coloradomtn.edu and complete a basecamp registration. Even if you don't want to take a class now, you may in the fall or in Spring '21 semester and this will save you lots of time. If you are trying to sign up for a summer CMC class, let Mr. Tressler or Mrs. Tolsma know and they will help you get in touch with the right people with all of the right info. CMC is accepting PSAT scores in place of accuplacer and SAT scores for the time being. There will be live CMC classes taught during the school day, so please check out the course descriptions for these! If you are looking for something different that will be offered online, register for a CMC course in IC so that it holds a space for you to take that class. 

Check out the classes CMC will offer: 

1.    https://selfservice.coloradomtn.edu/Student/courses

a.    choose ADVANCED SEARCH

b.    choose the semester (fall 2020) and scroll down to choose location (either Salida or Distance Learning)

i.        Salida campus will have all of the in-person offerings with dates   and times

ii.        Distance Learning campus is going to consist of all of the online      class offerings

iii.      Click SUBMIT and look at class offerings

                            iv.   Click on VIEW AVAILABLE SECTIONS to see dates and times                                         the courses are offered

                            v.    Make sure to click NEXT at the bottom of the page to see the                                          continuing pages of classes offered

Please email or contact your advisor or counselor with any questions!! We are available for phone calls, emails, google hangouts/meets, just let us know and we will be there to help! 
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